Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Blanket progress and other bits

Oh dear, two whole months have slipped by since I last blogged. Shameful.
On the plus side, progress on the Flowers in the Snow blanket has come on in leaps and bounds. I had a period of around a month where I made no circles at all, then I threw myself back into it, prompted in no small amount by the fact that the blanket has to be ready by the end of May, and I had only done half the amount of circles required, not to mention I still had the joining up and border to do. Unfortunately, with my renewed vigour, I somehow neglected to sensibly sew in all my ends as I went, so now I have over a hundred circles with ends to tidy up. At least I managed to reach the magic number of 270, and have now begun to join in cream yarn.

I decided to join in blocks of 9 circles, so I have 21 more blocks to do. Thankfully, joining seems to be much quicker than making the circles (mainly because I'm not faffing around trying to decide on the next colour!)

I also had a couple more small projects on the side that only took a day or so to make.

Kitchen bunting, made out of scraps of fabric samples, and my first go with bias binding. As the sewing machine has gone back to my mum's, and as I was too impatient to wait to sew my triangles together, I used some embroidering cotton and a 1.5mm hook to make a crochet edging over the raw edges:

There was also a toy box that I thought was looking a little bare, and I wanted an excuse to make some more crochet bunting, so I used up some of my scraps from the Dr Who scarf::

I'm hoping to get the big blanket finished within the next month, fingers crossed!