Saturday, 12 May 2012

40,000-odd stitches later....

          Yes! It's finally finished! Earlier this week I sewed in the last end on Monster blanket!! And yes, I did work out that 37,080 stitches had gone into the blanket (didn't have the will to figure out how many were in the border!)

Having worried that the colours would clash, I found they actually worked really well together once I'd joined them together in cream. Joining was a lot quicker than making the circles, but the border took aggggges! I think it really frames the blanket nicely though.

I don't think the colours go together awfully well here, but I was running low on a lot of colours and these were the ones that I could be reasonably wouldn't run out halfway round the border! (Isn't it annoying when that happens?)

I have decided that this is the last large granny square blanket I'm going to make for a long time. I simply can't face sewing in all those ends again! I thought that making lots of squares and joining at the end would make for a much more portable project - wrong! I found I still had to cart around my big bag of yarn anyway, for all the colour combos. Plus, I'm having nightmares about one of the many ends working their way out and unravelling, even though I was really particular about making sure they were secure. Anyway, it's been dropped off at my mum's ready for when my aunt comes to collect it when she visits, and I actually quite miss it! 

Here it is in all its glory!


Size: 79" x 68" (including 4" border)
Weight: 1900g (roughly 1000g coloured circles, 600g cream, 300 border)
Yardage: 6308 yards 
Time taken: About 3 months.

Now onto one of my many other projects I have lined up! :-)