Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bank Holiday Monday

Bit late with this post, never mind! Last Monday both hubby and I were off work, so we decided to go to the Natural History Museum and brave the train/tube with the little one. We had a brilliant time. Little miss was absolutely fine on the way, and behaved perfectly even though we had to queue for an hour to get into the museum. (I think she must take after hubby, as I was always, and still am, a terrible traveller and very impatient!)

She enjoyed all the exhibits - especially the dinosaurs. I was more taken with the amazing architecture - I hadn't visited in about 12 years and hadn't noticed it then.

The detail was amazing

I love the creatures carved into the walls inside.

And the amazing ceiling paintings

The mosaic floor must have taken ages to complete! 

I really enjoy going to London occasionally, but I'm not a fan of crowds, so there's no way I could live there. Not that we could afford it - ha! 

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