Friday, 16 September 2011

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away... come I have a stinking cold when we have about a trillion apples on our tree?

We were thrilled when we first moved into our house and realised we had an apple tree. Our previous home was a first floor apartment with no outside space, so to have a little garden was a real treat. I began making apple crumbles and apple sponges. It felt great to make something with homegrown produce, like my mum used to.

However, this year I have been unable to keep up with the supply of apples! I have parcelled up a load for my mum and baked quite a few, and also set some aside in storage in a dark box. Madam has been taking one for her break time snack at school. And still I am raking up apples that have fallen and been got at by wasps, maggots and birds. I wish I had a giant ladder to reach the apples on the uppermost branches that have had the most sun, they are so red and as big as those you can buy in the supermarket. It's quite a comforting noise to lie in bed at night and hear snap, rustle, thud, as an apple decides to fall from the tree. Unfortunately, they tend to hit the paved footpath that leads to our door and split.

As well as an apple tree, we also have raspberry bushes, but we are actually fairly clueless garden-wise, and haven't been caring for them as well as we should (embarrassing, as the woman who rented the house before us was a member of the local horticultural society and was famed for her prize-winning raspberries). This year we are going to make a special effort in sorting out the weeds and everything so that next year's crop is good.

As I mentioned, I am currently fighting off a horrid cold, my first of the year, so that's pretty good going I guess. Maybe I will make an apple sponge later if I feel up to it. I have had a couple of hours to huddle on the sofa with the laptop whilst Madam is at school for the morning, but I must pick her up in 15 minutes. Think I'll finish my Cadbury's hot chocolate first though.

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