Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 Crochet

Well, one of my New Year's Resolutions is definitely to blog more!!! I really find it helps spur me on to complete projects, rather than leaving them languishing in my yarn basket.

I will post a list of my crafty intentions for 2012 soon, but first a mosaic of my 2011 crochet projects:

      From top, L-R:
      ROW 1
      1,2,3: Seafoam Granny Square blanket for our bed. 4: Stripy fingerless mitts, which I still need to        photograph properly

       ROW 2
      1: Granny Tea Cosy for a friend of my mum 2: Granny Bunting for Madam's bedroom 3: Pincushion from Attic24's Christmas decoration pattern. 4: Sweet Heart Wall Hanging

       ROW 3
      1: A bigger picture of the heart wall hanging. 2: Stripy bunting for Madam's door. 3: Hat which I more or less improvised (and it shows!). I don't wear it very much as I made the headband too tight, and it's not particularly warm. Still, it was a valuable lesson in counting my increases properly <bitter about countless non-flat circles>  4: Summer Garden Granny Squares for the Ice Cream Granny Blanket

      ROW 4
      1,2: Ice Cream Granny Blanket in progress. 3,4: Ocean Ripple in progress. 

      ROW 5
      1: Finished Ocean Ripple! 2,3: Finished Dr Who scarf for my step-dad. He is a massive sci-fi geek so was really chuffed with this Christmas pressie! :-) 4: Reverse side of my Granny Square Hot Water Bottle Cover. 

      ROW 6
      1: Front of Granny Square Hot Water Bottle Cover 2: Easter stripy and granny bunting. I'm not sure if I'm really pleased with this, the colours are a little too pale for my tastes. 3: Hallowe'en bunting. A good way to use up some of that Stylecraft Special Jaffa, which is shockingly bright. 4: Snowflake Christmas bunting/

      ROW 7
      1: Christmas Stocking Garland. 2,3: Flower Patch Hot Water Bottle Cover, adapted from Attic24's cushion. 4: Purple Heart Garland, for stringing across the mirror in our purple and cream-themed dining room. 


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